City of Boulder Slackline Rules Comment Period – due December 22, 2016

All – the City has issued proposed rules for slacklining.  See my other post for the proposed rules.

As a reference, our original proposal is attached here.




Good morning everyone,

I wanted to let you know the public comment period has started for the slacklining rule.  You can find the announcement on our website here

Also, this will be published in the Daily Camera and the comment period runs through December 22nd.  Please feel free to share the link with others as this is an open public comment period at this point.  I welcome any comments and will be collecting them through the 22nd.

Also, once the comment period closes, I forward all comments and information to the City Manager for final determination, signatures and then it becomes final once its recorded with the City Clerk.

Finally, we should start discussing the outreach to the community so let me know when the meeting is scheduled that you mentioned coming up.


Jeff Haley, PLA

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