City of Boulder update – July, 2016

We’ve heard back from the city, and access appears to be moving in the right direction.

I’m working to sort out costs for signs, and then we may be hitting up the area slackers to pitch in for both funds and labor to put in the signs.  We will also need everyone’s help to communicate the new rules, and help provide self-enforcement by our community.

Here’s the latest email from the city, lightly edited:


Admittedly, this initiative took a back seat for the past month due to various projects going on. However, we are back on track and I really believe that we will almost be there by the end of July.

Current Status:

  • The week of July 11th we will be meeting to review the language with our attorney’s office related to the ordinance changes that are necessary.
  • That same week, our maintenance supervisors and Forestry staff will be visiting all the sites you have proposed to determine final decision/authorization.
  • Immediately thereafter, we will be designing the signs to be placed on site outlining the various rules/information.

How you can help:

  • At the last meeting you discussed fundraising and partnership for making the signs and installing. Is that still a reality?
  • As you outlined in your last packet of information, could you develop a plan/approach for education and outreach for the slacklining community? We would like to engage our communications staff to review with you.

Hopefully that helps gives you an idea where we are at and will keep in touch. Let me know if you have other questions at this point and thanks again for all your hard work in helping us with this.


City of Boulder

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