Proposal sent to the City of Boulder

Hi all,

The link below is our document submitted to the City of Boulder to allow slacklining in the city parks.  The city is reviewing it – we’ll keep everyone updated.

And a friendly reminder;  while we are having conversations with the city about legalizing slacklining, the sport is not yet legalized.  If you are slacklining in public parks, please keep in mind that your activity is still prohibited under city ordinances 6-6-6c and 8-2-16.

As a community, we want to focus on building healthy and positive relationships with city officials, so please be respectful should anyone approach you about your slackline.

And no matter where you slackline:

● Only slackline on trees greater than 12 inches in diameter;
● Use proper tree protection;
● Flag line so it is visible from afar;
● Keep spectators at least 6 feet away from the line;
● Do not cross any rights of way, sidewalks, foot paths, bike path, etc.;
● Do not unreasonably interfere with other users;
● Inform nearby patrons of your slackline so they can avoid it; and
● Never leave a slackline unattended.


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