Slacking at University of Colorado – Tyler Shalvarjian

Hi everyone. I’d like to give you an update on my meeting with the CU grounds people last week:

First, I will explain to you the current policy as it stands and the current procedure required to reserve approved slacklining locations on campus. Second, I will explain to you the recent and ongoing changes to the policy. And third, I will explain to you what policy changes I am advocating for in our more liberal policy which will be implemented next year.

The current policy and procedure for reserving approved slackline locations:

1. All slacklining on campus must follow the guidelines illustrated in the CUUF policy accessible here:…/campus-use-university-facilities.
2. Locations for longlining (any line >50 ft. as stated in the CUUF policy) include Varsity Lake (Hale), Norlin Quad (furthest East side) and Sewall Field (next to the Rec Center). These locations are currently the only approved longlining locations on the UCB campus.
3. To longline, one must submit to me their requested locations and times 10+ days in advance so a group signer can submit an event management form (EMF) for approval by the eight departments on campus that handle our slacklining field requests. If/when approved, the group may longline using designated trees in the location only for the time block requested.

Recent and ongoing changes to the slackline policy:

1. Only the signer(s) of the group may schedule fields.
2. The field scheduling process requires at least a 10 day grace period to allow each department head sufficient time to approve each location.
3. Duane Lawn has never been approved for longlining and will not be approved for various reasons brought up by CU grounds and administration. Some of the concerns include academic (outdoor) class conflicts, traffic and weakness of trees.

New policy changes which I hope to implement in the next CUUF policy (I will be intentionally vague in this section as details are still being talked about):

1. Increased ‘short-line’ length.
2. Shortened reservation request grace period.
3. Longer longlines (the current limit is 250 ft.).
4. More field locations.
5. Ongoing research on the actual effects of slacklining on trees.

Please keep in mind the current policy and follow it to the best of your ability. Each rule that is broken brings down the credibility of our organization and the trust we have built with UCB and affiliates over the years.

If you have questions, I am willing to answer them in the comments section below.

Thank you,

Campus Use of University Facilities

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